Building Information Researchers and Developers OÜ Privacy Statement

Your privacy is sacred at BIRD OÜ. This Privacy Statement explains when and how personal data is collected and used.

Our apps can be classified into two categories:

Free Apps

No user data is gathered at all by any of our Free Apps.

Subscription Based Apps

Subscription Based Apps need to check the user's email address once per session to make sure he has valid access. The App reads the logged in email address, and checks whether it has valid access against a database hosted on our servers, which contains information about the user that he/she willingly submits when he/she subscribes. This consists of the user's email address and his/her Subscription End Date.

Then...How is my personal data handled?

It is important to know that any piece of information involved is temporarily collected for the purpose of the entitlement check and based on the user's own approval, and that it is never used, neither by BIRD OÜ, nor by any third party server hosting the entitlement system, except for the purpose of the entitlement check. Once a user unsubscribes, the system is set to automatically destroy all data related to the user in question.

And always remember, any concerns, requests, questions, or thoughts you may have, feel free to contact us at