Bird Tools

Building Information Researchers and Developers OÜ is a BIM Research & Development company that mainly specializes in the development of productivity tools for several Autodesk® products and based on several Autodesk® APIs, such as that of Revit®, Forge® (now known as APS, or Autodesk® Platform Services), Navisworks® and AutoCAD®. The entire pack of tools published by BIRD OÜ is known as BIRD Tools (in case you're asking yourself: "Why is it called Bird Tools?"). Every tool can be subscribed to (or downloaded) separately, or as part of a discounted multi-seat pack.


"An Award winning collection of unique

autodesk® revit® add-ins

that every BIM professional

must have."


A Digital
Swiss Army Knife
For Every
BIM Professional

As a must have package of Revit add-ins, Bird Tools aims to boost your Autodesk® Revit® efficiency with:

o Automated CAD-to-BIM Conversion
o Smart Annotation Alignment/Arrangement
o Built-in Real Time Clash Detection/Visualisation
o Dynamo® and BIM 360® Batch Processing
o Integrated Revit®/BIM 360® Activity Logging/Monitoring and Instant Messaging
o And Much More...

Reliable, compact and affordable, it’s a BIM Professional’s “Digital Swiss Army Knife”.


Michael Meyers, Faith Technologies: "Amazing Tool (Tag Alignment Tool). We have added this tool to our addins list company wide now, it is an absolute must have when generating sheets. Well worth trying out on a test project and getting its functionality down, set it to a shortcut key and fly through tag cleanup instead of dreading the arduous task of manually adjusting. Thank you very much for this tool!!"

John Pierson, Design Tech Unraveled: "...luckily there are a lot of great developers out there and one of them is Bird Tools and they have this tool called Dynamo Multiplayer. It lets you batch process Revit files using Dynamo graphs. It also supports BIM 360 models which is pretty wild. You're able to add multiple (graphs) as well to run multiple operations... this is really awesome."

David Miller, Southland Industries: "Great Company. Not only is the tool great, but I had the pleasure of working with Bird Tools to create additional custom add-in for our company. The services and response time to question was outstanding. I would recommend this company for anyone needing additional content beyond just this tool."

Stefan Pandaciuc, Arcadis: "Very useful tool (Clash Preventor), helps us improve our current clash detection workflow which will result in better coordinated projects in less time and with less money spent."

Kendra Chan, Microdesk: "Time saver! This (Free NavisExport) saved me so much time. Now I do not have to open different views in different files to export them individually. My project has 66 different areas to export and this has saved me a lot of time! Even better now with BIM 360 support!"

Kate Schade, Lavallee Brensinger Architects: "We are using Raven for a project and so far it is magical! Thank you to whomever first suggested it. It's even better than Worksharing Monitor. Raven is very affordable and so far is great. If anyone is second guessing Raven, go for it. I stand behind it. Easy install too."

Kabsu Chae, Samsung: "Good understanding of user needs (Free NavisExport). The ability to batch save multiple RVT files to NWC by specifying a specific Revit view is great."

Bjorn Van Rijswijk, Klictet: "Very simple to use and very handy (Match Offset). I use it daily when modeling."

Yuttana Kongcarat, TEAM Consulting: "Great tool (Automatic Tag Stacker). Easy to use and time effective. Facilitates organizing tags in a push of a button. Very recommended."